Trail Blazers

Based upon the strength of our collective efforts, NCR Regional Home Missions will coordinate a ministry entitled, “TrailBlazers” to strengthen our region from within in order to become a self-supporting region and to supplement the following, but not exclusive, objectives in fulfilling the Church of God North Central Region’s mission:

  • Strengthening Existing Churches
  • Training and Assisting Ministers
  • Covenant Team Partnerships
  • Budgeting State Conferences
  • Funding Regional Youth Director
  • Planting New Churches

The Goal:


 Our goal is to enlist at least 200 TrailBlazers who will contribute at least $25.00 per month for a total BLAZE of $60,000 per year!

Contributors will receive a quarterly copy of “The Blaze” Newsletter which will highlight the progress of TrailBlazers efforts with pictures, articles, etc. Churches/Pastors will receive credit for contributions to TrailBlazers and incentive awards will be given at the Regional Camp Meeting.

Remember Our TrailBlazer Objectives to:

  • Better Train and Equip Ministers and Laity
  • Link Churches with Excellent Resources
  • Allocate Funds for Youth Director and Ministry Events
  • Zealously Support Covenant Relationships
  • Establish Life-Giving Churches