My fellow Shepherds, announcing, “Call me if you need me!” will not do.
Sheep do not call the shepherd, mostly they just wander off. It is up to the shepherd to call the sheep.
Being a shepherd is old-fashion work. Jesus knew that the technological age would come when he compared the timeless trade of shepherding to being a minister/pastor.

It is easy to think of our people either being for us or against us. However, the reality is, most often our people are neither for us or against us—they are neutral. Who they are for, is themselves.

Recently a friend of mine used this line, “Summer is yawning.” I like that line. Already I too see “summer yawning,’ and fall is beginning to wake up. The changing of seasons is common not only in the natural but also in the spiritual. In all of our lives,

American composer and lyricist Irving Berlin wrote the famous Christmas song, “White Christmas.” Berlin also wrote another song, “I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For.” Having just celebrated Thanksgiving,

 From the Exodus of Egypt, God has called His people to worship corporately in His presence. One of the most familiar corporate worship settings is the camp meeting. Church of God people since the early 1900’s have worshiped in camp meetings and state assemblies.