Our leadership team, under the direction of Bishop David Kemp, is focused on making sure that each church in the Dakotas and Montana have every oppurtunity to reach the members of their community for the cause of Christ. 

Regional Administrative Bishop


Bishop DAVID KEMP came to the North Central Region after serving thirty-seven years as a pastor and two years as Director of Church Ministries for the Church of God in South Carolina.

He is married to Sonja, his wife of 39 years, and they have two children (both married) and have five virtually-perfect grandchildren.



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Regional Women's Ministries Director


Sonja Kemp is married to David Kemp, Bishop of the North Central Region for the Church of God.





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Financial Director

Jessica Even

Jessica Even joined the North Central Region team in 2004. With a business management degree from Trinity Bible College, Jessica helps keep the office running smoothly.

She has a strong Church of God heritage and grew-up up as a pastor’s kid, so she really loves working with the great ministers of the North Central Region.

Jessica is married to Chad, a 6th grade school teacher, and they have two wonderful children, Arianna and Darrick.



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Regional Youth and Discipleship Director

Bishop J.D. Wall

Bishop J.D. Wall has spent the last seven years as a Senior Pastor. In addition to growing both churches, he helped revitalize the youth and children programs at each location. Prior to becoming Senior Pastor, he served for a number of years as a Youth Pastor, Christian education director, state evangelist, and on multiple youth boards.

He has spent many years directing recreational games and fun times for several camps in the Church of God. He loves to connect with young people and create an environment where kids feel safe to be themselves and can have fun. He desires to see youth and children connect with God and have a lasting experience in the presence of God.



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Regional Girl's Club Coordinator

Chrystal Wall

Chrystal Wall is the wife of J.D. Wall, Director of Youth and Discipleship in the North Central Region. They have a 5 year old son, Nathanael.

She has been a pastor’s wife since 2007, when she married J.D. Wall who was an associate pastor and youth leader in Oak Hill, West Virginia. She has served on the West Virginia State Woman’s Ministries Board and Girls Club Board. She has experience with young children and received her Child Development Certification in May of 2007. She was a Head Start teacher for Fayette County and taught high school Spanish for the Christian Academy. In the past, she held a weekly Bible study at a women’s recovery home, working and praying with young women who were battling addictive behaviors. She was previously the Young Adult teacher at the Mill Creek Church of God. She has served as a worship leader and choir leader.

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